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VOA: Does the Fall of Guo Boxiong Foretell a Rising Storm?

In his interview with Voice of America, Xin Ziling, a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) historian, said that taking down Guo Boxiong marked a victory for Xi Jinping, who handled the case both resolutely and steadily. The public announcement at this moment, right before the Beidaihe meetings this summer, is significant. It implies that the anti-corruption drive within the PLA has achieved an overwhelming victory. Xin observed that Guo was even more senior than Xu Caihou, the other vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, who died pending prosecution.
Xin cited Guo’s son, a PLA general, who boasted prior to his arrest earlier this year, "Confront our Guo family? My dad has promoted all military officials above the corps level."
Xin said that it was Jiang Zemin, the core of the third generation of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership, who put Guo and Xu in charge of the military in order to restrain Hu Jintao.
Expecting Jiang Zemin himself to be held responsible, Xin commented, "Xi Jinping said, time and again, that there is no [upper] limit, no iron hat prince, who is free from investigation. It should be so. This naturally leads to Jiang Zemin, the top former leader. Jiang’s issue has to be dealt with, but it needs to be handled more steadily, more discreetly than [the case of] Guo Boxiong. One has to be resolute, yet take steady steps. It has to be done with absolute control so as to avoid any shockwaves across the country. Taking down Guo Boxiong has shown that within the military, things will not go wrong. Xi Jinping has had a firm grip on military power. This is a prerequisite for the continuation of the anti-corruption campaign."
Source: Voice of America, August 2, 2015