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Xinhua: Eight High Ranking Officials Arrested in the Past 37 Days

Xinhua recently reported that, over a period of a little more than a month, eight high ranking government officials were arrested as part of the anti-corruption movement. According to information that the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Discipline Inspection Commission (CCDI) released, these people include the former Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the former Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection, the sitting Provincial Party Secretary (who is the highest ranking official in a province), the Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, the Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration, the Deputy Director of the Autonomous Region People’s Congress, the former Political Commissar of the Traffic Administration of the National Armed Police, and the former Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region People’s Political Consultative Committee. After two years of the anti-corruption movement, China now has only four provinces left where no provincial officials have been arrested. However, the public is still wondering how to weed out the “root cause” of the widespread corruption.
Source: Xinhua, August 1, 2015