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Chinese Communist Party Officials Required to Lecture University Students

According to the Ministry of Education, three central agencies, including the Central Organization Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), are requiring that leading cadres  top provincial officials  offer ideological and political education for college and university students. Each official should give a lecture at least once every semester, so as to ensure that all the college students in every university and college across the nation will have at least one opportunity to listen to a lecture on government policies given by a leading official.
"Recently, the CCP’s Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department, and the Ministry of Education jointly issued the Opinion on Leading Officials to Carry Out Ideological and Political Education." The "Opinion" requires that the main task include promotion of the in-depth studies on the series of important speeches that General Secretary Xi Jinping has given, on socialism with Chinese characteristics, and on the Chinese dream. The lecture should include giving answers on major theoretical and practical issues that concern university teachers and students and helping young students to make a conscious decision when drawing theoretical boundaries between right and wrong. 
Source: China News Service, August 5, 2015