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People’s Daily Criticizes a Retired Leader Who Still Interferes in the Present Leaders’ Work

On August 10, 2015, People’s Daily published an article titled, “Dialectically View the Phenomenon of ‘Tea Turns Cold When People Are Away.’”

The article commented, “People come and go; the present day replaces old times.” “Over the years, many of our Party cadres have correctly treated their status changes after having stepped down from their leadership positions. They consciously have not intervened in the work of the new leadership team, which demonstrates the open-mindedness and noble sentiments of a senior Party member and veteran cadre. They have thus won everyone’s respect. 

However, a highly positioned cadre, when he was in power, arranged for his trusted aides to be in the top positions for the purpose of being able to manipulate power in the future. After years of retirement, he is still reluctant to let go of the power from his original work place and from being in charge of major issues. When something does not please him, even in the slightest way, he will sigh, ‘Tea Turns Cold When People Are Away.’ He blames others for slobbering. This phenomenon causes a dilemma for the new leader and puts him in an inconvenient position; this hinders the new leader from doing his job freely and courageously. (The retired cadre’s interference) undermines the Party’s cohesion and combat power and results in rampant vulgar practices. Examples are, organizing many cliques; no one can focus on his own work; it is hard to implement regular work activities.” 
“When not in the leadership position, the retired cadre should not utilize the power of leadership. Such ‘cold tea’ is the norm. Once retired from the position, the former leading cadre will no longer be in charge of that job. Naturally, he will not have the power or responsibility.” “We should properly handle the relationship between emotion and principle. Never reheat the cold tea and bring it back to the table.”

Source: People’s Daily, August 10, 2015