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DW: People’s Daily Implies that Jiang Zemin Is Clinging to Power

On August 10, 2015, published an article saying that the People’s Daily article titled “Dialectically View the Phenomenon of ‘Tea Turns Cold When People Are Away’” was actually delivering a political message. Since Xi Jinping launched the anti-corruption campaign, there has been speculation that the CCP Central Commission for Discipline Inspection might be targeting Jiang Zemin in an internal investigation.

According to People’s Daily, “When not in the leadership position, the retired cadre should not utilize the power of leadership. Such ‘cold tea’ is the norm.” The People’s Daily article referred to a retired cadre as “cold tea”. Using such a metaphor attracted a lot of online comments. Someone wrote, “If ginger tea insists on being as hot as before, what should we do? In such a case, we should pour it (the ginger tea) out!”

Source:, August 10, 2015人民日报一评论文疑影射江泽民/a-18637712