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People’s Daily Summarizes Xi Jinping’s Diplomatic Concepts with 10 Key Ideas

On August 1, People’s Daily published a list of Xi Jinping’s core diplomatic concepts, which he presented as 10 key ideas.

1. The China Dream (中国梦) 

2. An [Asian] community of shared destinies (命运共同体) 
3. A New Type of International Relations (新型国际关系). Ruan Zongze, the Vice President of the China Research Institute of International Affairs expressed that the world is unequal right now. "The Western countries still occupy the high point of the international system. They dominate the international system. They have greater power over public opinion (the discourse right) than we do. Therefore, developing countries should be united to strengthen themselves and obtain a powerful voice through more practical cooperation." 
4. The “One-Belt, One Road” [economic initiative] (“一带一路”): The Silk Road Economic Belt; the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road 
5. [Strengthening] Connectivity [Partnership] (互联互通) 
6. Correct ideas of righteousness and benefit (正确义利观): Achieving a balance between righteousness and interests 
7. A New Security Concept (新安全观) 
8. Chinese wisdom (中国智慧) 
9. A Nation of maritime power (海洋强国) 
10. Amity, sincerity, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness (亲诚惠容): the principle for developing relations with neighboring countries 
Source: People’s Daily, August 11, 2015