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People Daily on Party Organization Development on College Campuses

People’s Daily published an article on the development of Party organizations in colleges in China. According to the article, by June 30, 2014, there were over 90,000 student organized Party branches and 90,000 faculty organized Party branches in colleges in China. The article stated that some college Party organizations lack activities and events to attract new members, while other colleges appoint those who don’t have “high credentials,” such as those with top academic ranking and education, as the leader for the Party branch office. Meanwhile, Party development work in colleges faces a new challenge as more and more young professors are Haigui [Chinese language slang term for Chinese people who have returned to mainland China after having studied abroad]. According to the article, “It is a new task for the Party in terms of how to develop Party members among the talented youth and the elite and to rally them around the party.” The article also mentioned a few colleges and shared their experiences on how they have developed Party members at the grass roots level on campus. 

Source: People’s Daily, August 23, 2015