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The Founding of a Party in China Showing in 10 North American Cities

The Beginning of the Great Revival, known as The Founding of a Party in China, a movie that glorifies the Chinese Communist Party during the historic period from the 1911 Revolution to 1921, when the first CCP National Congress was held, is now being shown in cities in North America. The movie features more than 100 Chinese actors and actresses such as Andy Lau and John Woo. It is part of the celebration of the CCP’s 90th anniversary. A premiere of the movie was shown in Los Angeles on June 20, then in New York and San Francisco on June 21 and 22, respectively. Starting on June 24, it will be shown in 30 theaters in 10 North American cities, including Washington, D.C., Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, and Hawaii.

Source: website of People’s Daily, June 22, 2011