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Global Times: Which Country Is the World’s Largest Democracy?

Global Times recently published a commentary written by Han Zheng, Party Secretary of Beijing Foreign Studies University, asserting that China is the world’s largest democracy instead of India, to whom the “media of the West" often attribute that same title. Han explained that it is a strategy of the West to classify China as a non-democratic country. He determined that the so-called democracy is a “historic social state” of the West to effectively maintain the capitalist system. Even the West has different types and forms of the so-called democracy. The West does not have the authority to judge which country is a democracy and which is not. Han said the Chinese political system is a true election-based system and big capital groups or special interest groups actually manipulate many so-called democratic countries in order to ensure that only a few political families inherit power. The commentary concluded that the Chinese system is the best fit for China’s domestic social structure and China is actually the largest democracy in the world.
Source: Global Times, August 27, 2015