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Beijing Youth Daily: Chinese Businessman Promotes Book about China’s Leader in U.S.

People’s Daily carried an article that had been published originally in Beijing Youth Daily. The article covered an interview with Chinese businessman George Daping Zhu who, in 2012, founded the publishing company called CN Times. Zhu recently negotiated a US$100,000 full page color ad in the New York Times. The ad contains a welcome slogan for Xi’s upcoming visit (to the U.S.) and also promotes the books that CN Times publishes. One featured publication is called, The Xi Jinping Era. Zhu plans to organize a series of media coverage and book review sessions to promote the book in the U.S. market. Currently the book is ranked 60,000 in Amazon with daily sales of 100-300 copies. According to Zhu, only three percent of market share is open to books offered by foreign publishers. Zhu plans to make a breakthrough in the U.S. market. He felt that the elite group in the U.S. does not know Chinese. They rely on limited information to understand the real picture of China. Zhu told Beijing Youth Times“In order to promote a nation, it is most important to promote its leader first. … For the Chinese culture to be known to the outside world, we must make a breakthrough in the U.S. market first.”  

Source: People’s Daily, September 13, 2015