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Xinhua Criticizes the BBC’s Documentary about China as the Western Media’s Stereotyped Prejudice

Xinhua published an article criticizing the BBC’s documentary report about China. It said, “Western media always like wearing colored glasses to view China. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently issued a 3-episode-documentary entitled China’s Secret, once again proving this point.”

“In this documentary, the reporter, wearing tinted glasses, opened a window to ‘view’ China for the British audience. The China outside the window was exactly in line with the stereotype that the West has been shaping for a long time: [China is] ‘a country that lacks freedom; the people must obey the system that the authorities set up.’ The purpose of the documentary was to use various means to strengthen and reinforce this stereotype.”

“The BBC claims that, through its lens, the [documentary] shows ‘a China you’ve never seen’ to the British audience. However, from the negative materials it deliberately chose and magnified with a zoom lens to the narratives based on the ‘reasonable imagination’ of Western logic, it has shown a hidden artificial modification. Most Chinese netizens are angry about the blatant but not clever production methods. They denounce the [Western media] because they are smearing China again.”

“In fact, in the Western media, a documentary such as this one by the BBC, which reflects Western prejudice, is not an individual case. … Behind the occurrence of this phenomenon, in addition to the personal factors of some Western media professionals, it reflects the anxiety and unease that some Western media and the Western world feel toward the rapid development of China. It also reveals the mixed feelings of envy and jealousy toward the rapid development of China.”

“No force will stop China’s development. China’s development will not slow down because of some Western media’s irresponsible remarks, or the way they discredit and distort China. [We] advise those Western media who would like to ‘discredit China,’ if you really want to reveal the inside of China, please take off the filter cover on your camera’s lens; otherwise it will only smash your own name.”

Source: Xinhua, September 8, 2015