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Guangming Daily: How to Release Information in Times of Social Emergencies

Guangming Daily published an article on how to approach the release of information to the public in times of emergencies, including major social unrest or disasters, in order to increase the government‘s credibility and enhance its image. 

First, the release must be done at the earliest possible time in order to control and guide public opinion. 
Second, the release must be updated in stages as more information becomes available. No interaction involving question and answer sessions should be held during the early public release of information. 
Third, releasing information is a team effort and involves a number of departments. Close coordination among different departments is important to avoid each one marching to its own tune. 
Fourth, the release should be made so that it reaches all segments of the population with customized messages. 
Fifth, the release must use the appropriate wording so as not to aggravate, have a negative social impact on, or offend the public. 
Sixth, the release must tell the facts as early as possible, but be cautious about relating the causes and arriving at conclusions. 

Source: Guangming Daily, September 21, 2015