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CCDI: To Capture the Thieves, Capture the King of the Thieves First.

On September 29, 2015, the Chinese Communist Party Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) published an article titled “Four-Types of Strategy Does Not Mean Slowing Down the Anti-corruption Movement.” The article began with a well-known ancient poem in which it says, “To capture the thieves, capture the king of the thieves first.” After the quoted poem, the article continued, “When two fighting armies confront each other, choosing the correct strategy and tactics is important to defeat the enemy.”

According to the article, there are four types of strategy in terms of the anti-corruption campaign. “1) Every Party official participates frequently in regular criticism and self-criticism meetings within the Party; 2) A majority of the corrupt Party officials will be punished lightly within the Party; 3) A minority of corrupt Party officials who have seriously violated the Party’s discipline and state laws will be punished severely and their positions will be lowered, changed, or removed; 4) Very few Party officials will be charged for their crimes in terms of serious violations of the law and the Party’s discipline.”

The article said that the four-types of strategies serve as guidance for targeting the right group of Party officials using the appropriate discipline methods.

Source: Sohu, September 29, 2015