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People’s Daily: The West Should Take Responsibility for Creating the Current Wave of Refugees

People’s Daily published a commentary that stated that the current wave of refugees in Europe is a direct result of the “Color Revolution” and the Western countries are simply paying for the full consequences of their support for the “Color Revolution.” The article said that the "Color Revolution" has resulted in dramatic political and social turmoil and the death of countless civilians; economic crises from the reduction in foreign investment, travel, and foreign reserves; and the social instability resulting from people’s dissatisfaction with the ruling government. “The wave of refugees is an issue that challenges the West, but it is also a warning sign to the West. The West is having difficulty in dealing with the social and economic issues that the wave of refugees brought, but, more importantly, the West should reflect deeply on its role in stirring up the “Color Revolution” which caused the current wave of refugees.

Source: People’s Daily, October 4, 2015