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Xinhua Published Full Text of Xi Jinping’s 2014 Speech on the Arts

On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, one day before the one year anniversary of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s speech on the artsXinhua was authorized to publish it in full. Xi Jinping delivered the speech to select Chinese artists, authors, actors, script writers and dancers on problems in Chinese art. 

Xi listed such problems as plagiarism, stereotyping, exaggeration, changing history, vilifying people, creating cultural “trash,” and shoddy work. As a result of these problems, art works have become money trees. Xi criticized the low taste in the arts, saying that being vulgar does not mean it is popular. Nor does desire mean hope. Sensory excitement is not spiritual joy. For art to be recognized by the people, one cannot be there for quick money, or be opportunistic, or go after fame, or engage in self-promotion. "Art cannot get lost in the market economy." Xi said that good art works are those that warm one’s heart, and have "bones, morality and warmth," meaning they inspire the mind, touch the soul and advocate integrity, merit, and compassion; they travel fast, last longer, provide "food for thought," and are enjoyed by all. Xi stressed that Chinese traditional culture has a lot of principles and moral values that transcend the times. 

Source: Xinhua, October 14, 2015