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Chinese Culture Enters the Central Party School

On September 25, 2015, The Paper published an article explaining why the Central Party School of the Chinese Communist Party promotes “national studies” (sinology or traditional Chinese culture). On July 12, 2015, the Central Party School held “The First Chinese Culture Forum for Leading Cadres.” On August 23, 2015, the Central Party School held a grand launching ceremony called, “A Cross Country Tour of Leading Cadres Learning Chinese Culture.” On August 27, 2015, the leading cadres learning Chinese culture tour group arrived at its first stop, Yulin City, Shanxi Province.

The Central Party School focuses on the self-cultivation function of Confucianism. China’s Chairman Xi Jinping also stressed the "statecraft" function of Confucianism. “Nowadays, morality is in disarray. (Our political) system has resulted in many problems. If China does not establish a new political system based on a combination of traditional Chinese culture and what was outstanding in the Western system in the industrialized period and post-industrial society, and if we focus only on good manners and on character, it will not have any effect."  

After having criticized Confucius for a hundred years, today’s Chinese people are not familiar with Confucian doctrine and ritual any more. Gradually, people have begun to notice that Confucianism includes not just certain connotations of absolute monarchy; it also includes Kindness, Righteousness, Politeness, Wisdom and Faith, the bottom line of human morality. These are the basic rules for man to be man that no civilized communities can deny. The current popularity of Confucianism represents the fact that a national reflection and a learning of these lessons are going on in China. The lessons are mandatory. Of course, the leading cadres are not an exception (there are no exceptions).

Source: The Paper, September 25, 2015