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Wang Qishan Highlights Party Discipline in Anti-Corruption

Top discipline inspector Wang Qishan wrote that the Party must adhere to high standards, not cross the "bottom line" of Party’s “Discipline Regulations” and promote a comprehensive systematic innovation of the Party’s governance. 

Wang, head of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), made these remarks in an article he wrote for publication on People’s Daily on October 23, 2015. The article emphasized that the Discipline Regulations set forth the bottom line for all Party members. 

Wang wrote that, at present, the Party’s discipline rules use the same terminology as in the law, which makes it difficult to reflect the high standards, ideals, and faith that the Party members, especially leading cadres, must adhere to. As a result, as long as Party members do not violate the law, they are not disciplined for their corrupt behavior. “The internal rules of any organization are typically more stringent than the law. Our Party is a political organization that shoulders a sacred mission. Because of the Party’s ruling status and its role of being the vanguard, the Party discipline regulations are bound to be stricter than the law. If Party members were to retreat to the bottom line of citizens, it would lower the standards for the Party members. Then, it would be impossible to tighten the Party’s discipline governance and to demonstrate the Party’s advanced nature.” 

Source: People’s Daily, October 23, 2015