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Beijing Times: Three Initiatives Expected from the Fifth Plenary Session

China Internet Information Center published an article that Beijing Times had originally carried. According to the article, during the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, which is taking place from October 26-29, it is expected that the current leadership will generate the following three initiatives: 1) Introduce its five-year plan. The five-year plan will be the first one introduced under the current leadership of Xi Jinping. In order to prepare for the plan, from May to July of this year, Xi visited Zhejiang, Guizhou, and Jilin provinces and hosted seminars to gather feedback from Party officials from 18 provinces and districts. 2) Launch reforms in tax, population, and environmental policy. 3)  Make personnel changes as result of the anti-corruption effort. The article stated that, since the 18th National Congress, over 100 Party officials from the provincial level, seven members of the central committee, and 11 alternate members from the central committee were placed under investigation. Therefore it is expected that replacements will be named during the session.

Source: China Internet Information Center, October 26, 2015