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The CCP 2nd Red Generation Supported Xi Jinping at a Forum to Commemorate Former CCP Leader

On October27, 2015, a forum was held to commemorate the 110th birthday of Gao Gang, a former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader who committed suicide in August 1954 due to the CCP’s internal purge. Gao Gang and Xi Zhongxun were very close friends. Together, they founded the CCP guerrilla bases in northwestern China in the 1930s.  Xi Zhongxun is Xi Jinping’s father. Xi Jinping is the current General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chairman of China.

Many sons and daughters of the first generation leaders of the CCP (also called the 2nd red generation) gathered and spoke at the forum in Beijing. One of the speeches made particular mention of the close relationship between Gao Gang and Xi Zhongxun. 

Toward the end of the forum, Gao Gang’s daughter said, “Today, we commemorate and memorialize him so as to learn from and follow in his steps; the Party’s cause is the first priority. … Under the new situation, we all need to unite together around the CCP Central Committee that Comrade Xi Jinping heads. For the purpose of revitalizing the nation of China and realizing the China dream, we will each make our contribution!”

Source: China Red Tourism, October 27, 2015