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Xinhua: Five Unique Features of the Third Round of the Disciplinary Inspection Tour

Xinhua published an article on the third round of the tour that The Central Leading Group for Inspection Work conducted. The article highlighted five key features that are unique to this tour. 1) Among 31 companies or institutions to be inspected, 21 are financial institutions. Therefore the third round of the tour is also called the “Finance anti-corruption campaign.” 2) The head of the team members of the inspection group have extensive experience in both the discipline inspection work area and in their knowledge of finance. 3) The target of the inspection work is the Party organization and Party officials in the work unit and whether they carry out the directions that the central administration has issued. The focus is not on the operational part of the business. 4) Each inspection team will visit two companies and one inspection team will need to visit three companies. The inspection teams are expected to identify common issues and apply serious disciplinary measures to those who fail to deal with problems after they have been given advanced warnings. The effort is to show the determination of the central administration in dealing with disciplinary violations. 5) Those selected companies have expressed full cooperation with the inspection work and have issued statements to show zero tolerance for any violations while the inspection team is on site.

Source: Xinhua, November 6, 2015