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CCTV’s Live Coverage of Meeting Between Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-jeou Draws Criticism

Voice of America (VOA) reported that CCTV, China’s state television, drew criticism from Chinese viewers for its coverage, or the lack thereof, of the November 7 meeting in Singapore between the leaders of Beijing and Taipei. 

In a slightly delayed live broadcast, CCTV edited out Xi Jingping’s addressing Ma as, "Respected Mr. Ma Ying-jeou" at the beginning of his remarks. Also, at the end of Xi’s speech, Ma’s name was again dropped, and Xi’s "Thank you, Mr. Ma!" was turned into, "Thank you!"  
CCTV then returned to its studio when it was Ma Ying-jeou’s turn to address the press. Two hours later, portions of Ma’s speech were broadcast to mainland viewers. 

One Chinese viewer commented on the Internet that the state TV’s failure to broadcast Ma’s speech live "shows that the [Beijing] government lacks confidence." 

 Some believe Ma’s speech was skipped during the live broadcast because propaganda agencies needed time to review his text. 

Taiwan-based Liberty Times Net reported that, before the November 7 meeting, CCTV blurred out the suit lapel of President Ma Ying-jeou during a news report because Ma was wearing a suit lapel pin in the form of a Taiwanese flag. 

Liberty Times Net noted that, after the meeting, when Ma Ying-jeou was holding a press conference after his closed-door session with Xi Jinping, CCTV did not mask out the word "President" on the plaque. On the evening of November 7, CCTV clearly displayed the flag of the Republic of China in its footage showing Ma Ying-jeou giving a speech at his presidential complex. 

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