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In Shanxi Province, Corrupt Military Officers Resisted Inspection with Gunshots

On November 18, 2015, several Chinese language media outside of Mainland China republished an article from The Trend Magazine in Hong Kong (November of 2015, print edition) on a gunshot fight between a military law enforcement team and corrupt military officers in the Shanxi Province Military Region Club.

According to The Trend Magazine, the General Staff Department and General Political Department of the People’s Liberation Army of China organized a Joint Military Inspection and Law Enforcement Team that made an unexpected visit to the Shanxi Province Military Region Entertainment Club to do a corruption inspection. When the law enforcement staff ordered those "having-good-time" military officers to present their IDs, the military officers resisted and surrounded the law enforcement staff. The law enforcement team then fired some warning gunshots which failed to scatter the officers who surrounded them. When the law enforcement team tried to take away a leading officer, who was inciting the other officers to reject inspections, the military officers on the scene attacked back with cold gunshots.

Since 1989, former top leader Jiang Zemin has been implementing corruption strategies to win the support and loyalty of the CCP gang members and of army generals. In the over 10 years that Jiang was in power, the corruption in the People’s Liberation Army spread rapidly across the entire nation. The phenomena of making money through smuggling; lust as a form of entertainment; exchanges involving power and sex, as well as power and money; murdering witnesses; and fleeing overseas with huge amounts of money became very rampant.

The article concluded that, clearly, in the end, the former CCP Central Military Commission Chairman Jiang Zemin is the real cause of all the corruption.

Source: Power Apple, November 18, 2015