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Xinhua: Xi Jinping Met with HK Chief Executive Chun-ying Leung

Xinhua recently reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Hong Kong Chief Executive Chun-ying Leung on December 23, 2015. Leung was visiting Beijing for a debriefing. In this meeting, Xi emphasized that, in recent years, Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” policy faced “a new situation.” He made clear that the central government is “unflinching” on this policy and will “comprehensively and accurately” ensure that the practice of this policy will not suffer “deviation or deformation.” Xi added that this established policy will “always advance following the right direction.” In the meeting, Xi also pointed out that developing the economy, maintaining stability, and promoting harmony are the common aspirations of the people of Hong Kong. Those should also be the primary tasks for the Hong Kong government to work on. He expected the government to unite the communities in Hong Kong and safeguard social and political stability in the city.
Source: Xinhua, December 23, 2015