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New Characteristics of Sino-U.S. Security Relations

A scholar from the Research Center of World Affairs under Xinhua News Agency, published an article discussing the new characteristics of Sino-U.S. security relations. As China’s comprehensive power increases, China’s national interests are surpassing its national boundaries, its international influence is expanding, and the conflicts with the U.S. in its strategic goal and its interest in dominating the globe are increasing. Due to their increasing inter-dependence, however, the content and scope of co-operation in their common security interests, particularly in dealing with the challenges of global issues, are also broadening. 

The article believes that Sino-U.S. security relations are becoming more and more complicated. In geographic security, they have surpassed the area of East Asia; in space, they have expanded into air space; in security, they have surpassed military areas and broadened to the economy, energy, resources, and the Internet. 
It concluded: 1) Complications come from two factors. First, as China’s power increases, the U.S. is getting more wary and suspicious of China and structural conflicts are becoming more prominent. Second, the contradictions due to their different strategic goals (affect relations). 2) Due to the rapid development of economic globalization, both countries are not only economically inter-dependent; in security relations, the area that requires cooperation is also increasing.

Source: Xinhua, July 7, 2011