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Former Party Theorist on Universal Values

On January 5, Caixin published an interview that Global People Magazine had conducted of the scholar, Yu Keping (俞可平). Yu is a former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official and theorist.

On the question of what Western theories can be applied in China, Yu replied, "First, (China) has treated certain common values that human beings share, such as democracy, liberty, equality, the rule of law, and good governance, as unique Western factors and has rejected them. Actually, it is normal for these universal values to have some different characteristics in different countries. … But it should not be because the West has accepted them first that we then do not want democracy, liberty, or the rule of law. We already have deep lessons to learn on this issue."

Yu served as the Deputy Director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau that focuses on ideology and theory research. He resigned from that post to become a political science professor at Beijing University. Caixin introduced Yu as a "famous scholar and political scientist" and mentioned that his article "Democracy Is a Good Thing" had resulted in a lot of discussion in China.

Source: Caixin, January 5, 2015