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CCDI Publishes Xi’s Articles on Political Discipline

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Central Commission on Discipline Inspection (CCDI) published a collection of Xi Jinping’s speeches on disciplinary issues. In addition to corruption, Xi also heavily criticized those officials who violated political rules.

Starting on January 9 and for four days in a row, the CCDI website published one article per day, each having one of Xi’s quotes in them. This might hint that Xi will expand the anti-corruption campaign to include a political violation campaign.

The following are the titles of these articles:

"Some People Have Come to an Unscrupulous, Reckless Point" – January 9.
"In Politics There Are Some Things One Should Absolutely Never Do; Otherwise, One Must Pay for it." – January 10.
"Some Cadres Put Themselves above the (Party) Organization: I Am the Biggest One in the World" – January 11.
"There Should Not Be All Kinds of Political Interest Groups within the Party" – January 12.

Source: CCDI website, January 9 – January 12, 2016