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People’s Daily (Overseas Edition): Zhou and Ling Were the “Significant Potential Political Danger”

Xiake_Island is an account that People’s Daily (Overseas Edition) uses for microblogging. It recently published an article commenting on the official report of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Central Commission on Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI). The commentary was titled, "Who Was the ‘Significant Potential Political Danger in the Party’ That the CCDI Eliminated?"

The article emphasized that the report made a statement that the CCDI had never used before, "The investigation of Zhou Yongkang and Ling Jihua ‘has eliminated a significant potential political danger in the Party.’ … It is very rare to link a ‘significant potential political danger’ to individuals. … The reason it made this statement is that Xi Jinping said that (this group) ‘had political ambitions; out of their personal interests or the interests of a small group, they initiated a political conspiracy and conducted actions that damaged and separated the Party.’"

The article also said that, compared to the reports from previous years and Xi Jinping’s early speeches, one could tell that Xi felt there had been a significant status change in the anti-corruption campaign. It changed from what had previously been described as "severe and complicated" to the current situation of "an overwhelming form of suppression (of corrupt officials) is taking shape." Still, the anti-corruption campaign is "long-term," "tough," and "always ongoing."

"What is the ‘overwhelming form of suppression’? In Xiake_island‘s view, the balance between the two forces that support and resist anti-corruption has changed. The resisting force has been or is being eliminated, or at least does not have much power to fight back anymore. The anti-corruption move is no longer reversible."

Source: People’s Daily (Overseas Edition) Online, January 15, 2016