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Scholar of Confucianism Lectures Politburo Members

Xi Jinping invited Professor Chen Lai to give a lecture, on December 30, 2015, to a Politburo study group.  Chen received the “2015 Confucius Culture Award,” and is a professor of philosophy at Tsinghua University. He serves as Dean of the Academy of Chinese Learning at the university. 

Chen’s lecture to the Politburo study group had three parts: the origin, formation and development of Chinese patriotism; the content and characteristics of Chinese patriotism; and advice and suggestions. He pointed out that the tone of Chinese patriotism is peaceful and open. 
According to Chen, the invitation was extended to him in June 2015. His scripts were about 14,000 Chinese characters. He spoke for about an hour followed by a 20 minute question and answer session. 
In closing, Xi Jinping said that Chen “explained the topic very well.” Xi commented on the points that Chen made and stated that, to promote patriotism, Chinese history and culture must be respected and carried on. According to Chen, Xi unequivocally stated that "Chinese traditional culture is the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese." 
Source: People’s Daily reprinted by Xinhua, January 15, 2016