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Xi Jinping: There Should Be Limits to the Party’s Power

On January 21, 2016, the Central Commission on Discipline Inspection of the Chinese Communist Party (CCDI) published additional excerpts from Xi Jinping’s speeches on issues related to Party disciplinary issues. 

In a speech dated May 9, 2014, Xi made the follow remarks: “We should improve the exercise of the Party’s power and its oversight mechanisms. The scope of that power should correspond to (our) responsibility.  We resolutely oppose privileges and should prevent the abuse of power. The ruling Party has enormous power over the use of resources. There should be a power list, showing what power can be exercised and what cannot, what is the official scope of power and what is its personal scope. These must be separate. One cannot conduct official business to further private gain.” 
On January 13, 2015, Xi said, “The system has been tightened up again and again. The supervision mechanism that monitors cadres’ work and lives has basically been established. The next step is to enforce the mechanism strictly.” Xi also stated, “We should deepen the reform of the discipline inspection system and strengthen supervision within the Party. A major cause of the corruption problem is that a number of institutional mechanisms are flawed. We must promote our work through reform and enhance the innovation of our system.” 
Source: The Central Commission on Discipline Inspection of the Chinese Communist Party website, January 21, 2016