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Xi Jinping Pressures Ministry and Provincial Party Secretaries to Get on Board

China Disciplinary Inspection Supervision Newspaper published an article that had the purpose of pressuring the Party Secretaries of ministries and provinces to truly implement Xi Jinping’s policies. It asked the disciplinary inspection teams that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Commission on Disciplinary Inspection (CCDI) sent to each ministry and province to check the implementation and hold the Party secretary (the number one person in the organization) responsible.

"The common problem that disciplinary inspection teams found was that there was a big gap between the Party organs’ understanding/action and the Party Central Committee’s requirements or the spirit of the General Secretary’s (Xi Jinping’s) speeches. Our Party treats the high-ranking officials as politicians. For those Party organizations that report directly to the Party Central Committee, quite a few of their number one persons are Party Central Committee members or Alternate Party Central Committee members. They attended all Central Committee’s important meetings and listened to the General Secretary’s speeches. When they went back to their organizations, they simply read the materials to their people and made a claim that they would support them. However, they took no concrete action at all …"

"(The inspection teams) should focus on the Party Secretaries to see if they have fully implemented the spirit of the General Secretary’s speeches."

Source: China Disciplinary Inspection Supervision Newspaper Online, January 25, 2016