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Xinhua: Putin Denounced Lenin

Chinese media reported that, within the past five days, Putin criticized Lenin twice at public gatherings. Xinhua’s report mentioned that the Russian Communist Party rebutted Putin, but Chinese media made no comments.

On January 25, Putin stated, “There is a time bomb buried under our country. Lenin supported the concept that the establishment of the State and the Soviet Union was based on the full equality of each member and each has the right to withdraw from the Soviet Union. This is a time bomb that lies beneath our country.” 
On January 21, the 92nd anniversary of Lenin’s death, Putin said at a presidential science and education council conference, "We did not need a world revolution." He also said, "Thought control moved in the right direction, but it needs to bring the right results, which should not be what Vladimir Lenin brought about. Lenin’s ideas eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was like a nuclear bomb placed underneath the ‘Russian’ structure. Later the bomb exploded. " 
Xinhua, January 27, 2016 
Sina, January 26, 2016