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CCDI Quoted Xi as Requiring Politburo Members to Follow Political Rules

Starting this year, Xi Jinping has been communicating that officials must follow political rules. On February 6, the CCDI website published some of Xi Jinping’s quotes. Xi has commented that top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) must also follow the "Party’s discipline and rules."

"Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said, ‘In China, who has the potential to make big mistakes? It is the CCP.’ Then in the Party, who has the potential to make a big mistake? I think it is the top officials."

"High-level cadres must have political sense, a sense of the big-picture, and a sense of responsibility. … They should absolutely not implement only partially or modify the Central Committee’s policies; absolutely not create their own ways to respond to the Central Committee’s policies; and absolutely not make [improper] comments about the Central Committee’s policies. In any situation, they should obey the Party’s discipline strictly and they should safeguard the Central Committee’s authority."

"How should we manage the Party strictly? We should start with the Politburo. … The whole Party is watching the Politburo. Whatever we ask the whole Party to do, the Politburo must do it first."

Source: CCDI website, February 6, 2016