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Former Officials Challenged National Development and Reform Commission

On March 9, at a break-down group meeting of the 4th session of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), former Deputy Minister of Railways Hu Yadong criticized the National Development and Reform Commission.

"The [commission’s] annual economic development plan should have shown the actual implementation of the Premier’s [economic] plan at the National People’s Congress, but we didn’t see anything [concrete].

"In government investment, how many projects [will be taken on] and where the money will be spent should be expressed clearly. Leave the rest to the market. You (referring to the National Development and Reform Commission) don’t need to give vague words, such as ‘study to make a decision,’ ‘actively pushing forward,’ and ‘greatly promoting.’ These words do not belong in the actual plan.

"For example, the plan said to build a total of 2,000 km of utility pipes (water, Internet, gas, etc.) in all cities in China this year. I say it can’t be that small a number. We are building so many new residential buildings throughout the country; even 20,000 km is not enough [to support this new construction]. We have paid all the required ancillary fees for new buildings. If we hadn’t paid them, we could not have gotten the building permits. Are we going to get the waste water pipes? Is it that we will get them in some places and we won’t in some other places? Where did the money [that was paid] go?"

Source: Sina, March 10, 2016