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Amended Regulations Will Hold Police Accountable for Abuse of Power

China has amended its Provisions on the Accountability of the People’s Policemen with Public Security Organs. The amended provisions took effect on March 1, 2016, superseding the original regulations of July 11, 1999. Notably, changes in the amended regulations include Articles 19 and 27. 

Article 19 provides that law enforcement personnel who commit wrongful acts such as corruption, torture, falsifying evidence, tipping people off, retaliation, or framing people will be severely prosecuted. 
Under Article 27, if law enforcement personnel intentionally or through gross negligence are responsible for cases being handled incorrectly, that law enforcement officer will be subject to lifetime accountability, regardless of any changes in his work unit, position, rank, or retirement status. 
Jinghua Times reprinted by People’s Daily, March 3, 3016 
Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council of China, February 22, 2016