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People’s Daily: Experts Call for the Movie and TV Industry to Focus on Quality Original Screenplays

People’s Daily reported that, on April 16, the China Screen Writers Forum was held during the China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair. A group of elite Chinese screen writers gathered together and discussed the issues relating to current movie screenplays. The article said that many of the attendees were concerned that China’s movie and television industry does not lack world class directors and movie stars. Rather, it lacks good quality original screenplays. According to the article, China’s movie industry demonstrates an unhealthy trend which overly emphasizes box office revenue and entertainment effect. It tends to seek a quick turnaround but lacks the kind of work that has depth in real life. According to the article, the existing works tend to follow the trend. They copy each other and are growing on a distorted path.

Source: People’s Daily, April 18, 2016