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Xi Jinping: Party Officials Should Get Online and Listen to the Public

On April 19, 2016, Xi Jinping held an Internet security and information working meeting. At the meeting, he stated that government officials should get online often to listen to the opinions and suggestions that the public expresses online.  

Xi called for Party officials to exercise “more tolerance and patience” towards netizens to promptly accept constructive criticism, promptly offer help to people in trouble, promptly give explanations that diffuse misunderstandings, promptly clarify confusion, promptly resolve complaints and grievances, and promptly guide and correct misconceptions.” 
Xi said, “We should not only welcome but also seriously study and absorb online criticism and Internet oversight that people make out of their feelings of goodwill, whether it is to criticize Party and government work or leaders individually, and also whether it be gentle and mild or harsh to the ear.” 
Source: Xinhua, April 19, 2016