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Outlook Weekly’s Comments on Mullen’s China Trip

Outlook Weekly, a magazine under Xinhua, published an article commenting on the visit to China by Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff. The article claimed that the Sino-U.S. relationship has entered a period in which both sides accommodate each other. It stated that there are still several legacy issues (caused by the U.S.) impacting the Sino-U.S. relationship: U.S.’ arm sales to Taiwan, military surveillance of China under China’s nose, restrictions on Sino-U.S. military exchanges, political discrimination against China, restrictions on high-tech exports to China, criticism of China’s political system, military alliances in Asia, and involvement in its ally’s territorial disputes with China.

It also warned that new issues may emerge. “Along with China’s continuing to rise in power and expand its national interests, … the chances of friction or collision developing between the two countries are increasing.”

Source: Sohu, July 18, 2011