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RFA: Central Administration Issued Directives to Stop Using Slang Words for Xi Jinping

Radio Free Asia carried an article which stated that, based on a report from Hong Kong Ming Pao, China’s central administration recently issued a directive, through the Propaganda Department, asking the local administrations not to make casual modifications of the official statements from the central administration. The directive also asked that slang words, such as “Core” (“核心”) or “Xi Da Da” (“习大大”), not be used when referring to Xi Jinping and that slang words such as Peng Mama (“彭麻麻”) not be used when referring to Xi’s wife. The article pointed out that these slang words have often been used in Chinese official microblogs or in Xinhua. Since last year, songs that had a personality cult flavor and which praised Xi Jinping have even circulated on the Internet. These have caused concern among the Chinese people who fear the return of the Cultural Revolution. Hong Kong Apple Daily reported that Xi Jinping has noticed the negative impact of these terms and told the Propaganda Department not to use these phrases and to delete any flattering contents about him.

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 29, 2016