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Guangdong Writer: Stop Government Funding of the Communist Youth League

Hang Yiwei, a writer from Guangdong Province, posted a blog on Phoenix regarding the Communist Youth League’s budget.

Hang said, "The Youth League Central Committee recently published its budget for fiscal year 2016. It receives a fiscal appropriation of 306 million yuan (US$47 million), or 50.93 percent less than the 624 million yuan from 2015. However, it means that the Youth League Central Committee still enjoys state funding of over 300 million yuan. It is not a very normal situation for the Youth League, a non-government organization, to live on the state’s funding. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the Youth League Central Committee to further reduce another 300 million yuan from its FY 2016 budget [which will end up as 0 yuan of the taxpayer’s money]."

Source: Phoenix, May 2, 2016