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Xi Jinping: Anti-Corruption Campaign Improves China’s Image

On May 3, 2016, People’s Daily published the full text of the speech Xi Jinping’s gave on January 12, 2016, at the Sixth Plenary Session of the CCP Central Discipline Inspection Commission. The speech was 12, 000 Chinese characters in length. During the speech, Xi discussed how the anti-corruption campaign has helped China’s relationship with other countries.  

“Because we firmly oppose corruption, we have taken over the international moral high ground. In the past, the United States and other Western countries always created difficulties for us on the anti-corruption issue and constantly raised the so-called anti-corruption issues at the United Nations, the Group of Twenty, APEC, and on other occasions. Now, in one swoop, we have obtained strategic advantages in the international arena. We have strengthened international multilateral and bilateral cooperation against corruption. We have started the ‘heaven’s vengeance action’ to intensify the efforts to track down stolen goods and to bring to justice criminals who fled the country years ago. We have offered a series of initiatives on international cooperation to counter corruption including the initiative to build a new international anti-corruption order. In particular, we have increased pressure on the United States and other Western countries in terms of anti-corruption cooperation, asking them not to become a ‘safe paradise’ where corrupt elements can evade being held accountable. Criminal suspects that these countries initially think are cards in their hands to play against us have now become hot potatoes in their hands. Various countries admire our resolve to show our swords against corruption. Our anti-corruption actions have won the respect of the international community.”
“In 2015, a National Bureau of Statistics survey showed that 91.5 percent of the people expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness of the clean government and anti-corruption work. A Chinese Academy of Social Sciences survey showed that 93.7 percent of the leading cadres, 92.8 percent of ordinary cadres, 87.9 percent of corporate officers, and 86.9 percent of urban and rural residents in China expressed confidence in the anti-corruption campaign.” 

Source: People’s Daily, May 3, 2016