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Guangming Daily: China’s Cultural Products Lack Brand Awareness and Are Weak in Content

Guangming Daily carried an article stating that China’s cultural products in the international market lack brand awareness, are weak in content, and, in the long run, will not benefit the spread of Chinese culture in the international market. The article said that China ranked number one in the export of cultural products in the world for the past four consecutive years. Even though it has benefited from a high volume and low cost, the products lack original creativity and maturity, and are unable to spread Chinese culture in the international market. The article used video games and soap operas as an example. It indicated that the video games that China exports are mainly hardware parts because China does not own the contents and intellectual property. The prices of the soap operas produced in China are so low in the international market that they cannot be compared to the soap operas produced in Korea. The article suggested that an opportunity for improvement could be found in utilizing the growth of the Internet, improving creativity, and building a solid foundation in the domestic market while expanding in Asia and African countries before tapping into the European and U.S. markets.

Source: Guangming Daily, May 16, 2016