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Xinhua Commentary on the U.S. Political System and Press Freedom

Xinhua carried an article on the recent Democracy Spring in Washington D.C. While over one thousand people were arrested, the lack of media coverage of the incident was notable. The article attacked the defects in the U.S. system of democracy. It said these defects were the cause of some recent events including, “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Life Matters,” and the “Democracy Spring.” The article then mentioned that the press freedom in the U.S. often misleads the people. It mentioned that the heated debates seen on television have overshadowed two underlining facts: the media must follow the requirements of their financial supporters and they also must do their best to attract an audience. Lastly the article claimed that the U.S. always attacks other countries for violating media guidelines but it has often ignored its own issues; the U.S. media often use a double standard then they attack other countries for violating human rights issues when the media in the U.S. does not even speak up for its own people. It concluded by quoting an article from the New York Times titled, “The End of American Idealism” and raised the question that, when the U.S. faces so many issues, how long can American Idealism really last?

Source: Xinhua, May 23, 2016