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Huanqiu Editorial: The West Is a Xinjiang Separatist and Terrorist Sympathizer

Huanqiu, a newspaper under Xinhua, published an editorial commenting on the Western media report about the Hetian incident in Xinjiang on July 18, 2011. The article said, “After the incident of a violent attack against police, the (Chinese) government immediately announced the incident and characterized it as a premeditated terrorist attack. Overseas media instinctively ascribed the incident to the category of ‘conflict between Uighurs and Han Chinese,’ claiming ‘China suppressed the Uighurs in the name of anti-terrorism.’”

“The Hetian Incident once again tells Chinese that we should never harbor any illusion that the West will support China’s anti-terrorism. The West, though not openly, has already become the de facto instigator or even friend of China’s terrorism. In the anti-terrorist issue, China may well be isolated for a long time.”   

The article concluded, “To deal with violent terrorism, the government must be resolute and not allow the terrorists and overseas sympathizers any illusions. Let them call names if they want to. What the rising China cannot get around and therefore is not afraid of is the abusive, name-calling voices.”

Source: Huanqiu, July 20, 2011