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Xinhua: Exuberant and Fruitless G7 Summit Should be Cancelled

Xinhua recently published a commentary criticizing the G7 Summit for not achieving anything. The commentary suggested that the G7 only offered a forum for the seven member-country leaders to be able to talk shop; however, there has typically been no agreement and no swift action. The author questioned the need for such a multimillion dollar show. The G7 Summit is currently being held in Japan, and the Japanese will no-doubt seize the opportunity to smuggle some of their selfish interests into the outcome, such as the “freedom of navigation” in the East China Sea, which has nothing to do with five of the seven G7 members. It is also expected that the G7 will announce something related to sustainable world economic growth, counter-terrorism and the EU refugee issue. However, given the G7’s previous record, no one expected any concrete resolutions. It is reasonable not to hope for a solution to the world’s most serious challenges in two days, but many have been calling for the end of such a summit, after which these challenges will continue to worsen. [Editor’s note: the G7 Summit is a forum for leaders from Japan, the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada. The European Union is also represented.]
Source: Xinhua, May 26, 2016