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CCDI: We Are Far From Finished with the Anti-Corruption Campaign

On June 4, the Communist Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) published an article in its official journal saying that it is far from finished with the anti-corruption campaign and that it will track down the remaining corrupt officials. 

The article said that, as the anti-corruption campaign is in full swing, there are some notices on and off, such as “anti-corruption is like a gust of wind, and will soon pass,” “anti-corruption is jeopardizing the economy,” and “anti-corruption now needs to put on the brakes.” Those who make and spread these noises have different mentalities but are primarily people who are not clean, do not want to stop [their wrongdoings], and attempt to "muddy the waters, in order to get out [of the consequences]." 
The article further stated that Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan recently and on separate occasions spoke “in the strongest voice” that the anti-corruption is "always on the road"; anti-corruption efforts will continue unabated, at the same speed, and with the same intensity; the situation of the fight against corruption remains severe; [we] are far from finishing the fight and will track down the remaining corrupt officials. 
Finally, the article stated that the Party should keep up the momentum and "continue to deepen" the anti-corruption campaign. 
Source: The Journal of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reprinted by The Paper, June 4, 2016