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Guangming Daily: Real Name Express Delivery System Faces Obstacles

Guangming Daily recently carried an article which stated that, since June 1, the real name express delivery system has been experiencing challenges in its execution. The article said that most of the customers are concerned about the leakage of personal information and are unwilling to follow the new requirements. According to the article, 82.3 percent of the Chinese Internet users have personally experienced inconvenience due to the leakage. In addition, express delivery companies see the system as an extra step which slows down the process and upsets their customers. Therefore, they are not actively enforcing the policy. The article suggested that, in order to eliminate the concerns from both parties, there is a need to have a comprehensive systematic solution that will ensure a clear definition of roles and responsibilities while also ensuring personal information safety and building a trust between the different parties involved.

Source: Guangming Daily, June 16, 2016