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Netizens Made Fun of the Communist Party

People’s Daily published a short video clip of a VW car, model TG, backing up and then falling down some stairs. It added some text in the form of a joke: “Reversing is truly a technical job! One must look carefully before starting!”

Though the posting might just have been for entertainment purposes, Chinese netizens [who often see the “double meaning” in words] quickly used several key words or scenes in the posting as an opportunity to make fun of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):
TG: The abbreviation for “土共” (Uncivilized Communists). It is widely used on the Internet to refer to the CCP.
Reverse: Changing political direction.
Fall off: Step down.
Hard landing: It is used to describe China’s current economy situation.
L-shaped: It is used to describe China’s current stock market chart – staying flat after a sharp fall.

The following are some netizens’ comments:

“TG reversed, stepped down, and had a hard landing. The message is quite profound.”

“Very profound! It is the view from the ‘authoritative people’ at People’s Daily!”

“You can’t complain about the different interpretations. This is the message from People’s Daily [which often posts hidden messages].”

“TG reversed, had a hard landing, made an L-shape turn, and finally changed its direction. Is the editor looking for trouble?”

“Since it published an old video, it must be trying to say something new. [Is it that] whoever tries to reverse the direction of history will not have a good ending?”

People’s Daily soon took down the posting.

Source: Epoch Times, June 26, 2016