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People’s Daily: It’s Time for Washington’s Immoral Political Farce to End

China’s state-run media People’s Daily used the debt limit to publish a commentary that sharply criticizeding the U.S. political system. “As the ‘deadline’ for Washington to raise the debt limit is getting closer, investors around the world are worried about the dire consequences of the ‘U.S. defaulting on its debts.’”

“The politics of voting restricts the White House’s political decisions. The political farce on the U.S. political stage allows the whole world to witness the essence of this problem with U.S. politics." 

“Washington’s farce is making the world more and more worried that the U.S. has a dangerous propensity: Washington’s politicians ignore or even sacrifice other people’s interests to gain votes."

“People have a deeper understanding of the problems with the U.S. economy and will also be more suspicious of the U.S.’s political direction, foreign policy and ‘leadership ability.’ The show at the edge of the cliff has not only kidnapped the world economy, but also ruined its own reputation. It’s time for Washington’s immoral political farce to end.”

Source: People’s Daily, July 30, 2011