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Former Military Vice Chairman Guo Boxiong Sentenced to Life in Prison

Well-known Chinese news site Sohu recently reported on a military court’s announcement released via Xinhua, that former Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission Guo Boxiong was sentenced to life in prison. Guo was accused of corruption. He was also deprived of all political rights and his Colonel General rank, which is the equivalent to that of a full general in the US Army. Guo is the second former Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission, after Xu Caihou, to have been found guilty under the anti-corruption campaign that Chinese President Xi Jinping has been leading. Xi is also the Supreme Commander of the Chinese Military. The military court did not disclose the total amount of corruption money. He mainly collected the money through his children and relatives by promoting military officials or approving military related real estate development projects. According to Guo’s son, who was jailed last year, “My family promoted half of all Chinese military officials.” Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin had promoted both Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou very rapidly to the top military leadership team. 
Source: Sohu, July 25, 2016