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Guangming Daily Commentary: Be Clear on the Evil Nature of a Color Revolution

Guangming Daily published a commentary about dissidents from Tianjin who were recently put on trial for “incitement to overthrow the state.” The commentary claimed that the dissidents stirred up hatred against the government and tried to launch a “color revolution” to end one party totalitarian rule in China. According to the article, these dissidents received financial backing from Western forces that gave them detailed directions and plans on how to build a solid organization. The article pointed out that evidence from around the world demonstrates that color revolutions only bring turmoil and disasters and cause the country to fall apart. It stated, “In order to understand how evil a color revolution is, we must persist in being firm about the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and maintain a solid ground when facing hypocritical values and interests from the West. … What the Western world needs is for China to be in turmoil and to have a weak economy so it can take advantage of us. … Those politicians from the West wish to see China in a chaotic situation so they can capitalize on the gain in order to defeat their opponent during the presidential election.” Finally, the article emphasized that only the Party can unite the Chinese people together and that every citizen should make a wise choice to follow the leadership of the Party.

Source: Guangming Daily, August 6, 2016